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Well ladies and gents, it’s finally time for some Croatian underground dopeness. We have one of the earliest solo efforts from a legendary Zagreb emcee by the name of Nered aka Neki, who is probably best known for Spremni Za Rat – a super hard ’99 straight sewer project with another legendary emcee Stoka aka Stole; his unique solo 2001 effort Od Danas Do Sutra; 2005 collabo album with also another rap legend General Woo (known as Mad Woo Skillah back in the day) and a compilation from 2006 titled Neki Daniels.

He’s rarely been active since then, but we would definitely love to hear more Nered and Neki & Stole word up! We need that ’97 Aquarius energy when Big L (RIP) and O.C. had a show unlike any other.

Oh, almost forgot – Neredologija exclusively appears on 1998’s Basemental Project which has never been released. It was a small project financed by the crew that recorded it – Nered, Remi, MistaHorn, Grasshopper, Ink, Delirium Tremens, Shot… The result got recorded on audio cassettes which circled around the boroughs and are probably hard to find almost 20 years later.

Stay tuned

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