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Before playin’ this, I think ya’ll know what to do first. This timeless classic dropped on my mind today while travelin’ as I haven’t heard it for quite some time and if ya’ll didn’t too, or haven’t heard it at all – mad enjoyment comin’ your way. We have a definitely soulful joint, so smooth and relaxin’, simply classic, fantastic, O.C.‘s lyrical gymnastics, the real not the plastic non-drastic, I’m givin’ it a high 5 like Jurassic.

From what I could find, Burn Me Slow first appeared on ’98 Buckwild ‎– Still Diggin’ Composition EP, after that on D.I.T.C. ‎– Still Diggin’ Compilation from ’99, on 2008 O.C. ‎– Word…Life / Jewelz Limited Edition Double Album and on a few mixes later on.

Produced by Buckwild


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