Blackout Top News

Hey folks, today marks the 200th Dig Of The Day, therefore I got something special, super rare and super dope!

We have a unique track titled Gotta Get Cha Props from J.G., an underground Hip-Hop group from Chicago who made a 5-track demo tape in ’92, with 2 tracks off the tape being released on a 12″ in ’92 on CMC Records (the label released only 3 singles and an album from 1991 – 2009) and in ’93 they released a 12″ single for a non-demo tape track.

When I heard Gotta Get Cha Props recently for the first time, I was amazed how “a song” can surprise me so beautifully after 20+ years listenin’ to Hip-Hop and 10+ years diggin’ in the cratez… Definitely something that happens very rare, headz know the feeling.

Produced and arranged by Rick Starr.

Light it up, pump it up and enjoy.