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Before playin’ this dopeness I think you know what to do first… When ya ready, turn up the volume up in this bitch – time to educate. We have a rugged ‘n raw New Jersey group called The B.L.U.N.T.E.D. Crew, with a seriously dope track, maybe too dope for ’99 ya feel me? They stepped onto the scene with a classic record and performed in Germany, Amsterdam and countless venues back home.

The Triangle was the only album they recorded and released on Prominent Entertainment Records plus a 12″ single in 2001 which had a track from The Triangle on the B-side and a new one on the A-side. Their name stands for – Beats And Lyrics United To Set New Trends Through Every Dialect.

Produced by Chazz Abyss of Trakk Professors.

Mad shoutout to Flowdeep!


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