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The First Sons

In case you just tuned in, Dig Of The Day section on Blackout is about the real rap music, music with a feeling, with soul, with beauty, with strength, idea, emotion, devotion, creativity, positivity, something timeless, sometimes very rare, sometimes a bit known, something to listen to ’till the break ‘a dawn. Only the music from the depths of a soul will be posted for our delight. This is Hip-Hop, many people have the completely wrong concept of a true inner Hip-Hop feeling and idea. You’re at the right place at the right time and you’re more than welcome to meet the truest vibes of a culture.

Today we have a rare and very hard to find material comin’ from Richmond, Virginia, a track called Rejection by a group named The First Sons. Rejection is off a mini-EP called The Coming released on cassette and vinyl on Original Records in 1992.

Written, arranged and performed by Jay Quan & Divine.

Mad props and credit goes to misi deák for uploading this.


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