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The eXperience, is the catchy teaser of a 15-track album coming out across Europe early 2011. For this new edition of Diversidad, Croatian MCs Remi & Shot from Elemental  and Frenkie from Bosnia and Herzegovina along with 18 artists from 12 European countries gathered in a studio for 10 days to record a unique LP.
Check out the video for this song here, and find out more about Diversidad here.

Download: Diversidad – The eXperience

  1. […] Watch the episode launching the Diversidad movie series. Through 15 episodes you’ll follow how the 14 tracks of the Diversidad album were created day by day and how the 20 artists coming from 12 different countries collaborated to make a unique LP. With “The experience” episode, discover the genesis of the first Diversidad single gathering all the MCs on one track. […]

  2. […] available all the online music stores. The Diversidad project strikes back after their first single „The eXperience“ gathering all the MCs of the project in one song. Leading up to the release of the Diversidad album […]