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Whatsup Muggs?

1- hey what’s happening how you doing

You were in Zagreb (croatia) last year with Eve and Bun B as a part of Gumball3000 celebrity race. Now you & Eve headline Fresh Island, Croatia’s first specialized hip hop festival?

2-yes last year I was on the gumball ralley an went thru Croatia what a beautify country –so when I was asked to play the music festival an seen I was free I jumped at the chance to be part of this experence

Tell us more about Bass For Your Face project. Snap Ur Neck Back song with Dizzee Rascal is a monster.

3 – bass for your face is my new album – its a bass music record whit a hip hop spirit – but with elements of – glitch ,dubstep,electronic,raggae.– the first release is with my friend the king of grime from the uk dizzee rascal

What’s your role in Cypress Hill today. Why are you not touring with the guys lately?

4- with cypress hill these days I’m more of a share holder in the business then an active participant — b real an sen have a direction they wanna go in so the best thing at this moment is to let them steer the ship

Describe a Soul Assasins signature sound and how important it was (is) in history of Rap?

5-the soul assassin sound is basically my sound an is a dark , dusted , energetic emotion I create through my sound scapes

You rocked numerous festivals throughout the world but Fresh Island is Europe’s 1st beach hip-hop fest, any expectations?

6 – I am expecting fresh island to be off the hook insane madness -i can’t wait for July 6th fresh island to unleash my new album bass for your face on the beautiful people of Croatia

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