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DJ Muggs did an interview for Croatian paper Novi List, which you can take a look at if you hit continue reading.

Interview by Vinko Peršić.

My perception of you is: a music innovator! What you think about this definition? I think that this definition perfectly defines you.

– I just do what I do man, and I was taught to always BE Original.

How was your start into music business? Beginning with “Cypress Hill”?

– I was in a group called 7a3 before Cypress, I actually got my first gold record in 1988 for the movie “Colors”.

After so many years what you think about your time with “Cypress Hill”?

– I love Cypress Hill, I built that from the ground up and to see the machine still rocking shit to this day is great.

The first “Cypress Hill” record is a classic and it is rightfully so, but for me personally, “Temples Of Boom” is incredible. That album has a mood and an atmosphere to it that is unmatched. How do you feel looking back on that particular album?

– After the success of “Black Sunday” I wanted to make the darkest dustiest record I could make at the time.

As a hip-hop producer who do you count amongst your biggest influences, who were some of the most important artists that you listened to early on that really inspired you to make records?

– I’m a music producer, and I listened to Marley Marl, EPMD, Ultramagnetic MC’s, BDP and Bomb Squad in my younger days.

Do you feel that Hip-Hop journalists have painted the picture oh Hip-hop in an accurate light?

– Most journalist write from their ego, and not objectively.

What big differences and significant changes have you seen through all of this time creating music?

– Technology has changed a lot.

You’ve done so much work, from “Cypress Hill” to your solo projects and to other artists albums. What keeps you going year by year on a creative basis?

– I still enjoy doing what I do.

With what artists do you plan to collaborate in the future?

– Bella Humble, Dizzee Rascal & Chuck D.

What are your thoughts about mainstream music nowadays?

– I love all music, it is all necessary.

Is there anything in your career that you are trying to forget?

– I never look back, as far as I’m concerned I’m a new artist.

How difficult is for you to choose what projects are you going to work on?

– I only work on important projects.

What have you planned to do this year after performing in Croatia?

– More shows, more records.

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