Blackout Top News

Look what we got here. Guys at Premier’s fan site report that this is the beat Preemo submitted to Kanye for MBDTF, but Ye turned it down, because he changed the direction of the album and the beat was created before, when everybody thought he was going to make that ‘Boom Bap’ rap. It was then sent to Bun B but he also passed on it for whatever reason.

So now everybody can listen to it and we can probably expect some freestyles in the future.

Download: DJ Premier – JJ Beat (Rejected Kanye West Beat)

INDY UPDATE: Actually, a few weeks ago Kool Sphere from the group Verbal Threat sent us a DJ Premier remix of his song Fond Memories. Now it turns out that this remix is using the beat that will go down in history as the Preemo beat Kanye rejected.

  1. phatphillie on January 28, 2011

    thats not a Kanye beat Primo played me at a soundcheck in macedonia…