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Check out the interview with Preemo after the drop in the wake of him performing at the Czech Hip Hop Jam (16 – 17 June)

– Hi Preem, what part of the globe are you playin´ tonight?

I am curently on an Australia/New Zealand tour with my new artist Nick Javas, Ace & Edo G & The Beatnuts…….

– Can you tell us how many parties have you been through as a DJ?

I have been DJ’ing since I was 10 years old, taking records to my older sister’s parties since I always had the latest records and that led up to my junior high, high school and college parties….. Too many to keep count…. i had my own equipment, turntables, speakers, amps, you name it….

– Which one was the best? Unforgettable?

DJ-ing for my college homecoming back in 1984…. It was over 7,000 people outside in a big parking lot an we turned it out…

– And the worst one?

I don’t have a worst one really….. However, the worst show I did was a Gang Starr show back when “Jazz Thing” came out and we had just released “Step In The Arena” which was a hardcore lp….. We played the Montreaux Jazz Festival in France and I guess they expected to hear all jazz music…… They booed us so loud and pointed their thumbs down for us to leave the stage almost drowning us out……. We still stayed and finished the set because no one runs us out of town…. It was a learning experience……..

– Are you still collecting vinyl? How do you feel about this „vinyl vs. Serato“ thing?

I will always collect vinyl….. It is a passion of mine…… As far as Serato, I feel that it should be earned…. You must qualify in order to get one….. just like a credit check…. Most of the DJ’s on Serato do not have any vinyl that they own….. but they download an mp3 with their eyes closed and don’t even know the artist’s history….. the best part is if the computer crashes, I can still rock a party with my knowledge of what to play using vinyl……. I think serato is great for me because I use it to the highest degree of the methods that made turntableism great…. Cutting, scratching, and mixing……..

– Are you listening to music at home? Or you like to have some peace for a moment when you are not in a studio or club?

It really depends….. Sometimes I play music, but I usually watch tv and catch up on movies and do research on whats popular so that I stay in the know of everything involving what is programming the mind……

– Hip-hop music has drastically changed since the 90s. How do you feel about this? Are there some young names on the scene that you like?

I like Drake, J. Cole,….. Cory gunz is cool too……

– Possibility of Gang Starr reunion is now unfortunately out (R.I.P. Guru). Do you remember the moment when you met Keith for the first time in your life?

Of course…… 1987 at this club called “The World” there was a showcase with Kool G. Rap & Polo, and then Jazzy Jay had a “Strong City Records” showcase with Busy Bee, Ice Cream Tee, and Divine Force….. I remember Melle Mel came onstage with Busy Bee when he performed “Suicide”….. It was one of the best moments ever….. Ultramagnetic MC’s was there and I saw Afrika Islam with Ice-T…. I was new to the industry so I was beyond star struck….. Stu Fine who owned Wild Pitch Records introduced me and Guru for the 1st time and thats when we talked about possibly working together……

– Can you tell a short story how Gang Starr band was born back in a days?

The original line up of Gang Starr was Big Shug, Guru, and DJ Suave D (Big Shug’s brother)….. They were going to be called “The Gangsters”, but Shug felt that was too hardcore during the era that they started in……. So he changed it to Gang Starr……. The original logo was supposed to be chains and bats like a gang…… Then the chain and the star became the logo…. The second lineup was without Shug because he went to prison….. So the next lineup was Guru, Damo-D Ski, and Mike D (aka— DJ 1, 2, B-Down)….. The extended members included MC Shabb and Little Smitty but not officially on paper…… then DJ Sean Ski became the temporary DJ before i came along and was made a permanent member due to conflicts with the other guys moving to New York…. Guru wanted to be in New York where it was poppin’ and they fell back unless there were shows that involved getting paid….. Thats when my demo came across the desk of Wild Pitch and Guru asked about adding me as the new member of the group…..

– And what was the reason for the end of your partnership with Guru as part of the band?

I never wanted it to end…. Guru said that he wanted to move on to doing new projects and that we would re-unite when the time was right after his next “Jazzmatazz” lp and his “Ill Kid/Baldhead Slick” lp’s……. So I was just as surprised as everyone else to never get a chance to do another Gang Starr record…. Gang Starr meant everything to Guru and he never wanted to shut it down forever…… It was his biggest success of his entire career…

– O.K., lets get to your projects. First thing I want to ask is about Christina Aquilera. You have produced many tracks for her but its not going out on her album. Will it be released anyway in the future?

We never cut any vocals so I am moving on to the next thing…. She already wants me to focus on her next album, so I will do that after my tour……. We are the best of friends so it’s all good….

– What about N.Y.G.z album?

We have 3 more cuts to do and we will be finished….. It is an all Premier produced album and it is my first one since the last Gang Starr lp “The Ownerz”……. I am excited about it…..

I heard you are preparing „one emcee/one producer“ album with the west coast legend MC Eiht, another one with legendary hip-hop teacher K.R.S. One. Can you unveil some details about these projects?

They are both gonna be the shit…. MC Eiht sent me his album already done…. It just needed some fixing on the mixes that he had…. I will add on to it with maybe 3-5 new cuts and we are done…. Krs-One is called “Return of the Boom Bip”… It is the extension of the “Boom Bap” lp and its gonna be dope…….. Year Round Records prides itself on quality product and I still press vinyl……

– And is there a possibility that you will make your solo album in the future?

I am still doing a solo album and also a Pete Rock -vs- Premier lp….. Just gonna have fun with music….

– Will there be any emcee support during your show on Hip Hop Jam festival in Czech Republic?

Probably Nick Javas…. We are preparing his new lp on the label… The lp is called “Destination Unknown”

– Some words of wisdom for Czech fans ?

Get ready for me……… I bring the ruckus all day when I step on stage……… You will not be dissapointed….

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