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Kool DJ Red Alert released a statement on his Facebook page regarding the death of Chris Lighty.

As I look back at the past few days, I Realize that though a part of my soul is no longer here in my body, I must understand my spirit is still here. You never know what goes on in a person’s mind or what a person is going through. It’s crazy how the visual perception portrays the image of a person but at the same time you don’t know everything that is going on inside of them.
To hell with the media when they keep stating that he carried crates of records for me, they have no clue or idea that there was more to it than that. We’ve done it all together. They weren’t around so what do they know. He was a hot head like the rest of The Violators, but he also had a business sense. I hired him to be the Road Manager for The Jungles Brothers. From there he began to establish himself as a successful business man and began to build a foundation for the Empire that we know today.
Like any other we had disagreements and fall outs, but like my Father always said, “One thing has nothing to do with the other”, so when there was a problem from outside the crew it was dealt with. To my peers of the Entertainment Business and the public, you all knew him as Chris Lighty, but to us (The Main Family) He was always Baby Chris. We (Moms, Mike & I) without hesitation kept the doors open for the 5 Members of The Violators on 113 St. & 7th Ave. 24/7, It was and still is their second home. Whenever I went away to work I knew without a doubt that they would always be there for Mom.
On Behalf Of Chris Arlee, Big Rod, Darryl, Hanz & I We Thank You For Your Condolences & Gratitude.



“God Grant Me The Serenity To Accept The Things I Cannot Change… Courage To Change The Things I Can, And Wisdom To Know The Difference”

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