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In order to reach a younger audience who might not be aware of his world renowned DJ status, Total Eclipse joined the cast of this season’s Master of the Mix, a reality show about DJs on BET. The show is hosted by super producer Just Blaze, and features judges including the legendary Kid Capri, socialite Amber Rose, and the first season’s runner up Vikter Duplaix. Although a risky move for a veteran of Total Eclipse’s status, he decided to join the reality show in order to showcase true turntablism to younger DJs and the overall music community.

This season, 11 DJs are competing for a $250K prize and contract to tour the world and represent the Smirnoff brand. It quickly became apparent after the first couple episodes that specific DJs were being edited in a more favorable manner than others, and fans of Total Eclipse and others began to question the integrity of the show. However, the legendary DJ was quick to come to the show’s defense, stating “It was a great experience to meet the cast and staff members, despite the compromise of editing. Win or Lose equals a Win in my case. No matter how my performance was perceived, I am not a pretender. My integrity was never compromised.”

In order to truly display his world-class abilities, Total Eclipse decided to release this video, demonstrating the art of turntablism, with enough tricks up his sleeve to satisfy DJ and music fans alike. Welcome to the world of Total Eclipse!

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