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NEW YORKER Fresh Island Festival is proud to announce that DMX, one of the most controversial rap superstars of today, will be performing at Zrce beach this summer! This will be the famous rappers’ first stage appearance in Europe in over ten years.

In addition to the already announced performances of Method Man & Redman, Pusha T, twenty of the best Europe’s DJ crews and international Adria Dance Camp, the NEW YORKER Fresh Island team is now adding DMX to their already impressive festival roster.

DMX is a performer with the highest number of platinum releases in the world of hip-hop. The number of over 30 million records sold, has managed to add his name to the list of the best selling rap artist of all time. The majority of music media professionals, critics and other opinion makers are putting DMX in the same context with a such rap legend as 2 Pac himself. Next to his huge success as a musician, Earl Simmons a.k.a. DMX, has in parallel been building his career in Hollywood, where he received his stellar popularity by playing lead and supporting roles in films such as Belly, Romeo Must Die, Exit Wounds, etc.

Get your advanced price festival tickets now, as they will be available for only 5 more days (Until March 31st)!


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