Blackout Top News

We start in 2002 at El-P’s apartment where he proceeds to warn us that WW3 is here, and we’re all “going to die!” DJ Abilities makes a brief cameo (playing video games). Vast Aire explains the relativity of time through the eyes of poor folk (“The day is long when you’re poor. When you’re a poor person 24 hours is like 10 years.”), speaking with more flow than some rappers have in their veins.
MTV gets bashed by Vast Aire and Jestone Art. On the topic of science fiction, El-P drops some mad knowledge on the state of the U.S. post-9/11. Mr. Lif and El-P interrupt Aesop Rock as he pours out his heart.
Vast Aire professes his love for poetry, opens up his notebook for a brief recitation. Fittingly, El-P calls rappers “the writers of our generation… these are the new authors.” The doc ends as it began: with an apartment full of genre-disruptors kickin’ it in the midst of their own genius.

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