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Edo.G‘s latest album FreEDOm couldn’t come at a better time in history as we are in an age where it seems like our freedoms are slowly getting taken away with a corrupt dictator in office.

The 11 track LP has a sound that is reminiscent to one of your favorite Hip-Hop albums with songs that touch every part of your life. Edo.G‘s conscious lyrics over banging beats are bound to resonate and inspire. FreEDOm includes guest appearances by Da Bulldogs, Masta Ace, Pearl Gates and more.

The digipak CD includes a full-length documentary based on the ED O.G & Da Bulldogs hit song I Got To Have It. This is an in-depth look into Edo.G’s journey through the music industry being dropped from a major label to finding his way independently. Cop FreEDOm via Red Line Music Distribution.

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