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Kendrick Lamar‘s DAMN. hit the web 2 weeks ago blowing up the entire Hip-Hop community. And it comes as no surprise that the album has been well received, full of featured artists and some of the industry’s best producers and writers. The samples from DAMN. include a huge variety like Bruno Mars24K Magic on Loyalty, along with homage to Ol’ Dirty Bastard, JAY-Z, Rick James and more.

If you have listened carefully or watched any of the track breakdowns on the web you may have noticed that Kendrick‘s Duckworth is actually based on a sample from September, 70’s Jazz Rock group from Ex-Yugoslavia and their song, Ostavi Trag.

September was founded in 1975 by organist Tihomir Pop Asanovič and vocalist/guitar player Janez Bončina – Benč. They gathered excellent instrumentalists of the then Yugoslavian jazz and rock scene, toured across the globe and did recording sessions in the States. Ostavi Trag is featured in their 1976 album Zadnja Avantura.

Here’s what 9th Wonder, the producer of Duckworth, exclusively said for BlackoutHipHop:

Please tell Mr. Tihomir Pop Asanović I said….thank you for the timeless music, and I hope to get a photo with him one day.

Via Hypebeast.

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