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The legendary producer Ty Fyffe gave an exclusive interview to Hit continue reading for the interview and a glance at Fyffe’s impressive resume.

Who put you up on producing music and who would you name as your biggest influence?
– Franklin Grant put me in the music game. Before then, I was actually a DJ. Grant put me on to production, mainly by helping me learn equipment. My biggest influence would be Dr. Dre

You got your first big break working with Teddy Riley on Wreckx-n-Effect’ Rump Shaker. Did that influence the direction of your career?
– Yup. It definitely pointed me in the direction I’m in now. That was when I knew producing was what I wanted to do for real. He also helped me to learn the kind of sound I wanted to create.

Pharrell was one of the songwriters on Rump Shaker. Did you know him at that time?
– Yeah I did. He was a part of Teddy’s camp when I was there.

Jay-Z, DMX & Ja Rule did only 2 songs together, and you produced both of them. How was the vibe working with those guys back then?
– It was a life experience; an amazing vibe. Something that was a once in a lifetime thing. At that time, music was different; it was more exciting and the collaborations were more exciting. It’s not like that anymore. They were actually supposed to do an album together. That obviously didn’t happen.

Back in the 90’s you worked with many artists that were on Def Jam, from the three mentioned above to LL, Foxy Brown, etc. Were you connected with the label in some way?
– I had great relationships within the core of the label from the Major A&R’s to the executives.

When you work with an artist, do you spend time together in the studio or do you e-mail the material back and forth?
– It depends. 9 times out of 10, the protocol is the email way. But if I have the opportunity to build and work with the artist, which I’d prefer to do, it helps create a vibe for that particular song.

Can you point out one artist that you love working with the most, or name someone with who you didn’t have a chance to work with yet, but would like to do so in the future?
– I loved working with LL Cool J the most. Someone I want to work with would be Jim Jones.

Today you’re working on Drake’s new album. Do you feel that this kid is the next big thing in hip hop?
– Definitely, he’s got all the build up for a top album on the charts. I see longevity in his hip hop future.

Tell us more about your new project Raw n Uncut.
– It’ll be my first installment of my ongoing Ty Fyffe Presents projects. It is a global, online competition for my Compilation Album. This particular one will be hosted by DJ Kay Slay, the Drama King. We also have Digiwaxx as a sponsor and to service the single, allowing their database of thousands of DJ’s to access the record. The Raw n Uncut album will be available for free download on all major websites. This contest is open to all upcoming artists, Rap and R&B, looking to get themselves out there. Any interested artists can go to for more details, but hurry because the contest ends on March 1st.

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