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DJ Quik Full Clip

David Blake is brazenly blunt when detailing the many triumphs, painful experiences and losses in his life. But when you are DJ Quik, one of West Coast hip-hop’s most influential figures, your life is open for the entire world to see and at times scrutinize. There is nothing to hide. The groundbreaking rapper and producer, who followed N.W.A.’s lead, repping his notorious Compton, California ‘hood with his seminal 1991 debut Quik is The Name, will boldly tell you that he’s done just as much to propel Cali-rap on the map as his friend and peer Dr. Dre. And who could argue with a criminally underrated talent who battled through depression, alcoholism, a jail stint, and the deaths of close friends during an unpredictable two decade run?

Read the whole article of DJ Quik breaking down his catalogue on Vibe. Look out for The Book of David, out April 19th.

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