Blackout Top News

Last night, on NYC’s Hot 97 FM, Funkmaster Flex and Kool DJ Red Alert (with some help from Mister Cee) did something truly special for everyone. Essentially, it was a real history lesson…almost a complete reenactment…with Flex stating that he was playing records that ONLY Red Alert broke (whether in the clubs or on radio). He was genuinely going off the deep end in every good way possible, cuttin’ up the funk and disco breaks that became roller rink and b-boy anthems, to droppin’ the ’86-’87 joints that practically shut down Union Square, Latin Quarter, and the Roof Top in Harlem. Incredibly entertaining play-by-play commentary by Uncle Red, Flex, and Cee…with highlights such as:
-which DJ’s would do a particular record the dirtiest with the cuts
-the different crews of the time (i.e. the 5-man army known as original The Violators)
-who was gettin’ stomped out when shit like “Go Stetsa” was played
-how Flex, at one point, was worried that he was in line for an automatic beatdown since he never carried much paper on him
-Biz gettin’ boo’ed for doing the “Biz dance”
-the whole “The Bridge” versus “South Bronx” story


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