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* Funky DL – Best Of
* mixed and selected by Funkydelic
* hosted by Funky DL

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I’ve Lost My Microphone
Like This
The Boy With No Name Remix (Instr.)
Le Jazz Courant Noir
You Really Love That
It’s About Time
Soul Silhouette Re-Rec. (Instr.)
Ode To Nujabes
Osaka Chill TIme (Instr.)
Sweetest Thing
You Know We Say We Fresh (Instr.)
1947 feat. Lei-An & Xantoné Blacq
Kicked To The Curb / Curb Kicking
The Bump
Nectars Of Nagoya
Not The One For Me
Fukuoka Flügel
So Sexy
Long Before I Knew (Instr.)
Thank You Love

  1. DJ Funkydelic on Facebook on January 05, 2013

    thx 4 the support guys!!