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Many years ago, Funky DL’s older brother told DL about a vision he had whilst riding on the subway train. The vision was the Japanese flag with its clear white background and bold red circle, constantly glowing with DL captivating an audience of music lovers in the Far East with his jazz hip-hop sound. DL always remembered this vision his brother had told him of and knew that one day he would fulfill this image representation with a project, and here in 2012, that time has now come.

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“Nights in Nippon” is an instrumental album and dedication to the fond memories Funky DL has accumulated over the many years of his travels in Japan. Having visited the many beautiful cities and towns across the prefectures of Japan, DL has enjoyed everything from the Temples of Kyoto to the flashing lights of Tokyo. From the chilled vibe of Osaka to the calming shores of Yokohama.
Funky DL has been fortunate enough to have been so kindly embraced by the people of Japan and states that he has always been very grateful that “of all the places in the world, the Japanese have supported me the most to make my career worthwhile – my love for Japan is more than I can explain”.
This is the very first time Funky DL has ever produced and released an instrumental album based on music that he has never recorded any vocals for. The 10 tracks encapsulate the vibe and energy of the many places in Japan and this album is a perfect representation of the serenity absorbed through the nights of chilling, dining, entertaining and relaxing in one of the greatest countries in the world… “Nippon” (Japan)

1. Takings of Tokyo 03:44
2. Hamamatsu Timeless 03:43
3. Yokohama Waves 02:58
4. Kamakura Carnival 04:08
5. Fukuoka Flügel 03:15
6. Sapporo Summer 03:42
7. Utsunomiya Excitement 03:08
8. Osaka Chill Time 03:51
9. Nectars of Nagoya 03:17
10. Wisdom of Kyoto 03:04
11. Happenings of Hiroshima (CD BONUS TRACK)


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