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Futura 2000 started his career as a New York graffiti artist in 1970. But it wasn’t until the 1980s that graffiti (as well as the hip hop lifestyle) came to the surface for the mainstream public to appreciate.
Writing on train cars and subways or “bombing” as it is called, was where Futura 2000 first showcased his talent. However, it wasn’t long before canvas graffiti art pieces found their way into exhibitions and galleries. The next platform for Futura 2000’s work was the UK Record Label MoWax which was run in part by James Lavelle, whom Futura 2000 met up with in 1992. Since then, Futura 2000’s work has appeared on many album covers including the U.N.K.L.E album which features Beastie Boys’ Michael Diamond on the song Drums of Death.
Many Beastie Boys fans have been inside one of Futura 2000’s shops maybe without realizing it. In one of the Rappin’ With the Rickster episodes (found on videotapes circulating within Beastie Boys trading circles), Ricky Powell takes his video camera right inside for an opening.

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