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DJ Eclipse:

Here’s another Future Flavas show from the collection. It may be the earliest show I have as Marley and Pete had just taken over Future Flavas from KRS-ONE in January of ’95. Lot of joints from their camp played like Sah-B, LOTUG, Heavy D, World Renown and Deda Baby Pa. A nice Marley remix of Brandy Baby right at the top of the show.

Crazy too because this is the episode where they played my O.C. Born 2 Live remix (12:35) and said “got mad calls last week on this joint right here, gotta hit you in your head with it one more time”. I had left a cassette of the remix for Pete at his Soul Brother Records office. Based on the hype created from this show we (Wild Pitch) decided to press promos of the remix to service to DJs.

Future Flavas w/Marley Marl & Pete Rock Hot 97 WQHT January 29, 1995 by Itsdjeclipse on Mixcloud

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