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With Keith “Guru” Elam in such a fragile state, I am happy to report that all mentions of his passing within the last 24 hours are false. Yesterday, Guru underwent a successful surgery but still needs your positive energy. I would like all radio DJs to download, Gang Starr – Full Clip A Decade Of Gang Starr (2 CD) [Edited] & Gang Starr – Full Clip (CD Single). This is the most comprehensive [Edited] Gang Starr collection available! Straight from The Untouchable DJ Drastic’s personal archives, download & air the clean versions of Guru’s classics. Enjoy!

Download: Gang Starr – Full Clip (CD Single)

Sidebar: Tons of DJ mixes dedicated to Gang Starr coming out today, we posted one of them yesterday. Today DJ G. Brown hit us up with a link to his Gang Starr tribute from 2003, hosted by Premier & Guru. Check it out here.

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