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Wandering Worx Entertainment proudly presents Each Step Becomes Elevated, the new album from General Monks a.k.a. Planet Asia and TriState. Sponsored by Esbe Clothing, the album features Ras Kass, Montage One, Phil Da Agony, Krondon, Killer Ben, Killa Kali, Styliztik Jones and Rogue Venom as well as production from Evidence, Rel!g!on, Josh The Goon, Jansport J, Twizthebeatpro, Lee Bannon, DJ Woool and Asterix.

Since starting out as a fledgling MC in LA in the early ’90s, TriState has laid his signature vibrato over beats by DJ Khalil, Thayod Azur and Soul Nana. Asia has been nominated for a Grammy and won several awards since he started rapping in Fresno, CA in 1992. Now based out of San Francisco, he has won The Source Magazine’s Independent Album of the Year twice. Elevated is the newest release from Wandering Worx, the Canadian label responsible for recent releases from Moka Only and DaiN.

Check out ‘Kill Ya Self’ track featuring Ras Kass, Montage One and Killer Ben or just download the whole album for free here.

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