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New mixtape from Groove Deluxe, selected & mixed by Uncle-T.
Listen below & hit continue reading to check the tracklist.

donald byrd: wind parade (usa 1975)
dilouya feat sly johnson: runnin away (France 2011)
maxwell: ascencion (USA 1996)
cornell stone: Fairy tale (USA 2009)
Gemma Genazzano: take me away (USA 2010)
maxi: steppin out (USA 2008)
yasuko Agawa: L.A NIGHT (japan 1984)
Ed Motta: baixo rio (brazil 2006)
Kre8iV 4ce:She (UK 200?)
maintain: shed some light (USA 2007)
midnight star: curious (USA 1984)
hidden beach unwrapped: Beautiful (2009)
carlos dafe: de alegria raiou o dia (BRAZIL 1977)
Grooveria eletro acustica: nada mal (BRAZIL 2004)
wet cookies: something’s changing (AUSTRIA 2009)
cool millions: next to me (DENMARK/GERMANY 2009)
Donell jones: you know what’s up (USA 1999)
funk’n’lata: noae mole nao (BRAZIL 200?)
amestrong: tout est bleu (FRANCE 1993)
light of the world: london town (UK 1980)
sade: nothing can come between us (UK 1988)
venueconnection: wlaking your dream (SPAIN 2008)
jean carn: don’t let it go to your head (USA 1978)
michael kay: missing you (UK 1992)
the antilles: i got to have you (UK 1983)
sade: the spirit (UK 1984)
blacknuss: it should have been you (SWEDEN 1995)
uniao black: black rio (BRAZIL 1977)
sade: keep hangin on (live) (UK 1985)
jones girls: night over egypt (USA 1981)
Preface : palace hotel (FRANCE 1986)
Daniel Nelson And Mark Drummond: delightful jazz (USA 2009)
banda black rio: miss cheryl (BRAZIL 1992)
venue connection: madrid boogie (SPAIN 2008)
brand new heavies: stay this way (UK 1990)
nash reed: Natural (SOUTH AFRICA 2007)
Marilyn Ashford Brown: i’ve got a feeling (USA 2009)
patrice rushen: number one (instrumental) (USA 1984)
clarisse albrecht: voce me da (FRANCE 2010)
fooka mainty band: let’s get it together (FRANCE 1975)
guy cuevas: obession (nassau mix) (FRANCE 1982)
Toshiki Kadomatsu: after 5 crash (JAPAN 1984)
Sergio Mendes and New Brasil ’77 : the real thing (BRAZIL 1977)
jamiroquai: little L (UK 2001)
tim & foty: douala by night (CAMEROUN 1978)

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