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Wu-Tang member and rap legend GZA has joined forces with Apple and NASA to help publicize the agency and its mission to explore the universe.
The space-themed track was provided by the Genius to the National Aeronautic and Space Administration to celebrate the agency’s ongoing Juno Mission.

NASA’s “Juno” spaceship is expected to enter Jupiter’s orbit on July 4th, after a five-year journey with the intention of studying the gassy planet’s atmosphere and origins.
The agency is bringing together different music artists that recorded songs inspired by the space agency’s mission to Jupiter dubbed “Juno.”
GZA’s song “The Spark” is the first single from the project, which is titled “Destination: Juno” and the single presents a history of the universe.
Apple is planning to release a documentary that features Juno mission’s principal investigator, Scott Bolton, with a soundtrack scored by Trent Reznor.

For the past several years, GZA has been hard at work on his seventh solo album, tentatively titled Dark Matter and is going to have a lot in common with the general theme of the Destination Juno project, as it seeks to explore themes of space and time.

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