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Take a trip back to the year of 2005 with DJ Eclipse’s Halftime Show in one of the best lineup of guests, interviews and freestyle moments outside his annual anniversary show. John Robinson, Percee P, Kaze of The Justus League, Cage, Da Beatminerz, Wordsworth, Rhymefest, Shabaam Sadeeq and East Flatbush Project lend their presence for 2 shows and 3.5 hours of beats, rhymes and great discussions about the state of the culture at the time.

This show has aged well due to the quality selection of music by Eclipse and Skizz combined with the display of skills by each guest MC. Rhymefest and Da Beatminerz add comic relief to the show while Shabaam Sadeeq and East Flatbush Project show aggression and humnger on the mic. Percee P brings a classic rhyme presence while John Robinson, Kaze, Wordsworth and Cage show an intellectual side of MCing.

Download the show here.

Via Collector’s Item.

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