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Since his debut single ‘Stay Strong’ in 2007, Harold has been working tirelessly on his other passion – music and is actively collaborating with Croatian music producer Tomo J. in der Muhlen on his soon to be released debut album.

‘H’ will reflect the level of creativity Harold has always pursued in his acting career. His music can be described as organic – every sound on the record is recorded live from live and even vintage instruments, with no artificial and digitally produced sound. Having his creative roots on the stage, what Harold enjoys the most is doing live shows where he performs with a full band: two guitars, bass, drums and keyboards. The packed gig at the cult Los Angeles club ‘The Mint’ in April 2010 showcased Harold’s full performance potential.

This feature’s short version aired on Croatia’s No. 1 show biz magazine Red Carpet on the national TV station NOVA.

Tomo J. in der Muhlen mentions Koolade, Dash & Baby Dooks as producers on Harold’s upcoming record.

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