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Harrisun 21 from the DoppelGangers wrote on his twitter about an onslaught that was about to begin concerning theyr upcoming projects. He said they got a lot in store for Shark Nation this year. Before they release ˝DoppHopp˝ they have a lot of cool stuff to drop including this project called ˝DAMN SHAWTY˝ from E under the alias Harrisun21. We expect to hear it around late July/ early August. For now you can listen to the new jawn entitled “Oh Plz” with additional vocals from Big Josh. They got another jawn dropping next week too!

˝Yawl deserve a lot more from us and we want to give it to yawl. So stay tuned and if u wanna see what E’s up to musically, design-wise (art, apparel, etc.) & culinarily.˝

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