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Hearing Aids are an outfit from Arizona USA comprising of emcees LAKAI THE USELESS and CHARADE.
In 2006 they connected with Dirty Hairy and over the course of 3 / 4 years their collaborative efforts culminated in an EP produced by that hairy jazz bastard.
These recordings where completed around 2009/2010 and rejigged and edited by Hairy but remain previously unreleased.
So here is a snippet of the EP which we hope to throw out vinyl releases from by September via fresh delivery although anything can happen earlier . Certainly a downloadable and CD version is expected to available by summer 2012 .

Track listing:

1 ) Enough is Enough
2 ) Be original
3 ) Keep it live
4 ) Nostalgia
5 ) Perfect practice
6 ) Soap box
7 ) Vibe to it

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