Blackout Top News

High Focus Records will celebrate their 7th birthday by having a big concert on which all rap heads that belong to this crew will appear: Leaf Dog, Ocean Wisdom, Fliptrix, Dirty Dike, Jam Bakster, Dabbala, Verb T, Bva, Ed Scissor, One Capone, Ronnie Bosh, Pet Canon & Inja, Illman, Moreone, Molotov and many more. This will be a proper bangable birthday for all those who like High Focus as a crew. ˝Our birthday parties are no joke, not only is the entire roster going to be present but we also have some very special guests coming through on the night as well,˝ as they say. The High Focus spectacle will be held on 16th of April at the Electric Brixton in London.
They have also made a promo video which was made by Aboveground and the musical part of the video is a cover by three songs: Leaf Dog – ‘Intro’, Ocean Wisdom – ‘High Street’ and Fliptrix – ‘Burn It’. This event is also representing the celebration of the launch of Leaf Dog’s brand new ‘Dyslexic Disciple’ album.

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