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West Coast veteran Ice Cube released a new track, Only One Me, that will be featured on his 25th anniversary reissue of Death Certificate. The reissue of Cube‘s 1991 classic will include three new songs in total, Only One Me, Dominate The Weak and dark lead single, Good Cop, Bad Cop. In Only One Me Cube claims the top 3 MC spot:

Taught Tupac how to keep it gangsta
I showed Biggie Smalls how to release his anger
Who did it before me?
Melle Mel, Ice-T, King T, KRS, and the homie Chuck D, P.E., D.M.C.
Nigga, know your history
If Cube ain’t Top 3, then you’s a bitch to me

Death Certificate was originally recorded in the aftermath of the Rodney King case that incited the Los Angeles riots. Ice Cube designed the album to reflect that “state of emergency,” as he said, and organized the 20 songs into two groups. “The Death Side is a mirror image of where we are today,” while “The Life Side represents a vision of where we need to go.”

Via RollingStone.

  1. […] Ice Cube continues to push rhymes like weight on his 2nd new single of the upcoming 25-year anniversary edition of his classic 1991 sophomore album, Death Certificate. Not much has changed since the N.W.A. classic record F*ck Tha Police as Cube raps about police searches in his home, still believing he’s got narcotics, when all he has are sky-box tickets to sporting events. He compares cops to Friday‘s Deebo character and says the same line he said back in ’88. Stream the 1st single Only One Me here. […]