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Before websites revealed every sample, and connected the dots for you with a search in your browser, there was self-education in vinyl. Some of my fondest memories are of buying boxes of records marked “Not for sale” straight from a label’s A&R. Marco Polo’s debut album “Port Authority” was something I found at the record store, there was only one copy, along with the single that was brand new & I had never heard of him.

No music video, no performance in my city, or feature in any of the music magazines I had seen. I always listened to the instrumental first before I would even listen to lyrics. The instrumental to “Nostalgia” wasn’t what local radio played in the streets of LA, but was a piece of music that resonated with me personally. He made a lasting impression that day, and even in person he proved to be every bit as legit as his production work. I visited his studio right before the release of his new album Port Authority 2: Director’s Cut.

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