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As one-fifth of the group that “started this gangsta shit,” Compton’s own Antoine “DJ Yella” Carraby never was the most vocal on record. Until now.

Some 26 years following the release of Straight Outta Compton, the N.W.A legacy seems to be on track to become more relevant than ever before, continuing to laugh in the face of conservative mainstream commercialism similarly to way back then.

Recently nominated for entry into the class of 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and with a huge N.W.A biopic in the works courtesy of director F. Gary Gray, responsible for the commercial successes that were Friday, The Negotiator and Law Abiding Citizen, it would seem as though a whole new generation are about to be introduced to the men behind the attitude and Raiders caps—a force that hit the music industry with such velocity that it broke down doors for many Hip Hop artists today.

In this exclusive interview with HipHopDX, the most slept on member of N.W.A breaks his silence to speak regarding laying down the foundations for the self-proclaimed world’s most dangerous group and the production process behind the music that helped bring a then-relatively unknown musical genre, labeled by the mainstream as Gangsta Rap, from the swap meet to our stereos.

Yella discusses his early musical influences, the rise and fall of Ruthless Records following the acrimonious departure of Dr. Dre, and tells us why he never jumped from the sinking ship when asked by his fellow co-producer to follow him to Death Row, as well as what’s around the corner for Hip Hop’s very own fifth Beatle.

Read the interview HERE.

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