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Eeva, or better known as Iva Pletikosic is a Serbian soulstress who got her break through a talent show in Serbia as a semi-finalist last year. She stood out by doing a rendition of Erykah Badu’s song “On & on,” so well that she even received a compliment from Miss Badu herself. Eeva succinctly infuses hip hop with R&B, by doing this in a country that is heavily influenced by techno-pop, she’s also paving the way for other female soulful musicians’ to come out as the men are currently dominating the genre.

We chat to Eeva about her first EP ”Part of the plan,” why she jokes that there are just enough Soul/R&B performers to fit one band in Serbia and why releasing her style of music was a risky move in her country. Margaret Tra writes.

Read the interview HERE.

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