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For artists, it’s an unbelievably daunting feat to remain creatively fresh and consistently innovative when your tenure begins to reach into the double digits. Bay Area hip-hop legends Souls of Mischief probably never let that phase them, though. Since their 1993 debut, ’93 til Infinity, the Oakland emcees have been travelling down paths that are equally revolutionary and reinvigorating. From soulful boom-bap to timeless terrestrial radio jams to intricate underground classics, they’ve produced it all. They’ve continued to tweak and twist their sound over the years without sacrificing a second of quality, and that ethos is still one that each member appears to stand by.

On August 26, they’re aiming to continue their commitment to substance and progress with There Is Only Now, a concept album made in collaboration with virtuoso musician Adrian Younge. There Is Only Now finds the pairing of Souls of Mischief and Younge continuing to create sounds that supercede superficial trends and deliver to listeners cohesive, inventive pieces of music for them to pick apart for years to come. Just a few weeks away from the August 26 drop of There Is Only Now, we linked up with both musical forces to discuss the new album, from its beginnings to the concept behind it. And, for those who watch until the end, you’ll catch a quick cameo from a fellow longtime legend of hip-hop. You can check out our conversation with Souls of Mischief and Adrian Younge in its entirety above.

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