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In preparation for the release of his fifth full-length album, 3TP is releasing J-Live’s fourth EP titled “Undivided Attention”. The six song EP features production by J-Live, Floyd The Locsmif, Nicolay of Foreign Exchange, 808 Blake of SMKA and up and coming 3TP producer, Korede. Guest vocalists include Boog Brown, Homeboy Sandman and 3TP artist Oddy Gato. The six song EP includes Korede’s production debut, this past summer’s banger “The Way That I Rhyme”. Also worth noting is the team work, and lack there of, J exhibits with himself on the songs “Home Or Away” and “How I Feel”. Consistent with the cover art, J is approaching certain songs as if he were a three-man group consisting of an emcee, a deejay and a producer. While they’ve worked well together for the past couple decades, it’s obvious the three have some unresolved issues. Hopefully they will be hashed out and reconciled on or before the release of next year’s full-length album “S.P.T.A. Said Person of That Ability (pronounced Spitta)”.

EP tracklist after the jump.

HOME OR AWAY (produced by Korede)

THE WAY THAT I RHYME (f/ Boog Brown)(produced by Korede)

HOW I FEEL pt 1(produced by Nicolay)


FITNESS (f/ Homeboy Sandman)(produced by Locsmif)

CALCULATIONS (f/ Oddy Gato)(produced by J-Live)

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