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Kanye West’s White Dress is the most anticipated track off RZA’s The Man With The Iron Fists soundtrack. The song is produced by Kanye and RZA. The soundtrack will be hitting stores on October 23rd and the film will be in theaters on November 2nd.

Here’s what RZA had to say about this song:

I brought Kanye West in first. He came into the editing room, and he went and wrote a beautiful song for the scene I showed him. A beautiful scene with a lot of beautiful ladies. He just said, ‘Wow, that’s beautiful. The colors is beautiful. The girls is definitely pretty.” And I said, ‘Well listen to what Lucy Liu starts to sing. That idea is all you need to take. It’s gotta be about somebody lovely.’ I had given him one other piece of advice. I said, ‘Think of Ghostface in the sense of how Ghostface did “Ice Cream” and “Wildflower,” where he kinda raps all the way through it. On “Wildflower” Ghostface does a super long verse, and Kanye’s second verse here is actually super long. We finished the song and he said to me, ‘I tried to make it Ghostface long.’

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