Blackout Top News

Here’s the artwork for Khaleel’s upcoming mixtape, hosted & mixed by DJ Premier. Hit continue reading to check the track listing.


UPDATE: Gim liberated the mixtape, which is now available for download here.

1. DJ Premier Intro
2. Hot Flames
3. True Or False
4. Poet & A Prophet(f. Jago)
5. Rappin’ Exercise (f. Panchi of NYGz)
6. Waitin’ (f. Jago)
7. Come On By
8. Ride Wit A Nigga (f. Lil Ran)
9. Anonymous(f. Nick Javas)
10. Everything I Need (f. Dee Rail)
11. Roll Up
12. Sunshine (f. Durty, Nealio, Jade)
13. Sometimes
14. All Up In Ya (f. Nick Javas)
15. Texas (f. Coop)
16. Outro

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