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Little Brother’s chief engineer and producer Khrysis demonstrates Native Instruments Maschine MIDI Controller by assembling a chopped-up Soul sample then auditions drums on the 8 pads to make a beat from scratch.

Via Collectors Item.

Continue reading for a description of the Maschine from N.I.

MASCHINE combines the hands-on feel and sequencing of classic grooveboxes with advanced sampling, effects, and seamless DAW integration. Now featuring 6GB of production-ready sounds, and numerous feature improvements, MASCHINE continues to evolve so you can focus on finding the perfect beat.


Integrating the flexibility of computer-based music production with the hands-on creative clout of MPC-style hardware, MASCHINE is the next step in beat production. Once you touch the hugely playable controller, the slick, intuitive and immensely fast workflow takes over, allowing you to stay focused on what matters – the groove. MASCHINE’s blending of classic feel and cutting edge technology makes it the perfect tool used on its own, performing in the club, or working within your DAW.


With MASCHINE the boundaries that defined beat making for years are blown away by an all-in-one approach. Starting from the iconic strengths of the MPC – including the intuitive pad layout, 16 velocity levels and Note Repeat – MASCHINE is instantly familiar, yet breaks free of hardware-only limitations. The library comes with a staggering 6GB of premium sounds and of course can be easily expanded. The simple-to-arrange sequencer, intuitive sampling, re-sampling and slicing features, and fully integrated FX and automation create a blazing workflow that takes your idea from a rough sketch to a professional production in no time. As a studio centerpiece, MASCHINE plays all your existing gear – and to make for an easy transition, it even lets you import your old MPC programs. MASCHINE perfectly preserves the instant pleasure of groove box beat-making, introducing the flexibility and power only software can provide.”

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