Blackout Top News

KNOiota is a member of the group Stupit Amerikinz. Listen to his new album preview below, and hit continue reading to check the tracklist.

1. Steppin Stones (Intro)
2. Past Regret Factor
3. Boston Blocks (fea EdOG and Jaysaun of Special Teamz)
4. Kno X,
5. Wasted Weekends
6. Sieze the Moment (fea Chalice)
7. Christiania Agents (fea Planet Asia and Rasco of Cali Agents)
8. Fckinupthemusik (fea Maylay Sparks)
9. Real Skills
10. Punishment (fea Akrobatik, and J-Ro of Tha Liks)
11. Gettin Mines (DK Mix fea Street Mass)
12. Go Between
13. Tonite (fea Terminology and REKS)
14. Sunny Break
15. Forever Underground

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