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Juice Crew Artwork

Here’s Koolade’s new EP, called Juice Crew Special. The EP contains Koolade’s collaborations with Masta Ace and Craig G, plus a previously unheard remix & instrumentals. Here’s what Koolade had to say about the EP:

Yet another Masta Ace x Koolade collaboration, “Love Crazy” was recorded a while ago, while Jessica & Nick were still getting paid to love each other. Hence the outdated analogy! 🙂
“From The Soul” ft. Craig G was recorded in late 2011. One morning I just woke up to see his vocal tracks in my email. Shouts out to Phat Phillie for hookin that up!!
This Ep also includes “Love Crazy” remix by yours truly + all the instrumentals as well. Cheers!!!

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