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Here’s the official remix for Krazy Drayz’ joint Hold Dat, featuring the late Big L! also had a chance to do a short interview with Drayz, so hit continue reading to check out what he had to say about this collabo with L, his new album and the future of Das EFX.

What can long time fans expect with the recently released ShowTime record?
– Long time fans can expect 10 years of pent up Boom Bap exploding and erupting like a volcano!! I know a lot of artist say they have a “hot” album and they don’t! This isn’t one of those cases..this album is not only hot it’s a well thought out classic hip hop album dedicated to the FANS!

How has the feedback on the record been so far?
– Check the internet for the’s been all positive. Even the critics, doubters and haters like it.

How did the Hold Dat remix with Big L come about?
– That was the brainchild of my dj. Rondevu. That’s one of the benefits of having a veteran on your team..You throw him the ally oop and he dunks it. I had an idea to get Big L on the record and use one of his lesser know verses. So Rondevu did the rest. We actually reached out to Big L’s brother Donald and got his blessings on the joint.

20 years ago, you and Skoob released Dead Serious as Das EFX. Looking back on it now, what are your thoughts on that project today?
– In short I loved those times..wish I knew then what I know now.

What’s the current status of your relationship with Skoob? Will Das EFX make another project together?
– Me and Skoob are cool. We still do show all around the planet..we just came from France,Switzerland,Italy and Spain killing the shows. However, that’s cool but not enough for me as an artist I want and need to make new music. Skoob and me as DAS EFX aren’t working on a new album because we just cannot make the time and commitment to do it for whatever reason. Therefore I had no choice but to do this solo album Showtime which honestly is some of my best work. I’m acutally enjoying being a solo artist.. I did my first solo show in Verona Italy and murdered it..The songs on the album were done with dj’s and shows in mind, meaning the get the party jumpin’. Don’t take my word for it pick it up on Itunes…See ya soon at a show near you!!
It’s Showtime

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