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The anticipated mixtape from L.I.F.E. Long and DJ Afar has arrived. As they take an “Afar Lifelong Travel Though Sound” if your a fan of that nostalgic hip hop sound with a 2011 twist, this one is for you.

The mixtape features collaborations with the likes of Raekwon, Prince Po, DJ JS-1, Lil Dap, Breez Everflowin, along with quality production from producers like Khrome, Pete Cannon, Black Sparx, K-O Beats and more.

Hit continue reading for the tracklist & download link.

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01.) Intro (Produced by Irealz) (Cuts By DJ Afar)
02.) War Inna Babylon (feat. C.A.T.) (Produced By Kolor Brown)
03.) Worldwide (Produced By Waxaholics)
04.) The Heist (feat. Power In Numberz Fam Rhyme Therapy I.S.R. Terrestrial Papo) (Produced by Zel)
05.) Veteran (feat. DJ JS-1) (Produced By BlackSparx)
06.) Get Up Off It (feat. Melodic Yoza) (Produced By BlackSparx)
07.) Samurai Code Of Honor (feat. Prince Po & U.G.)
08.) When The Pen Hits The Paper (feat. Pryme Prolific & Tone Liv)
09.) Get Up (feat. Premonition) (Produced By K-O Beats)
10.) Other Worldz (feat. Terrestrial Papo & Irealz)
11.) Energy Substance (feat. I.S.R.) (Produced By Xifedy)
12.) Deep Thinkers (feat. Elohem Star) (Produced By Sci-Fi Stu)
13.) Motive (feat. DJ Connect) (Produced By Big Ape)
14.) Broke (feat. Nutso) (Produced By Pete Cannon)
15.) Dollars & Sense (feat. Nena Bleu) (Produced By Finsta)
16.) Crimewave (feat. Raekwon & Irealz)
17.) Morgan Freeman 2 (feat. Atari Blitz & Lil Dap) (Produced By Khrome)
18.) Mind Over Matter (feat. Venomous) (Produced By Mishaps) (Cuts By Afar)
19.) Journey (feat. DJ Devestate) (Produced By Big Ape)
20.) Damn Beers (feat. Rhyme Therapy)
21.) Winter (feat. Iomos Marad) (of Allies Crew) (Produced By Aneeway)
22.) As He Goes On (feat. Breez Evahflowin & Kid Lucky)

DOWNLOAD: L.I.F.E. Long & DJ Afar Present – Afar Lifelong Travel Through Sound (Mixtape)

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