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There’s been some thought ’round these parts about some of the great stories in hip-hop that rarely find their way to the surface. Then some cats on the Okayplayer boards were asking about Paul C- who he was, his legacy, his death. Thought it’d be good to dig in the archives and pull this story out, by Dave Tompkins, the most comprehensive piece on Paul C ever written.
This story’s origins began somewhere in the office of 360hiphop around 2001, those halcyon days of internet-media revolution. The story was published after about three months of work, but the hubris of the site’s upper-management had created a space that few people could actually access, tricked-out computers or not. Luckily DT found a print home for it eventually, with Big Daddy. Still, just wanted to put out the word of where it came from first.

That 360 crew we had was no joke: jeff chang, caramanica, dave tompkins, kris ex, hua hsu, sly stallone (where is you man?), egon, etc. Maybe some more from those archives should go up in the next few weeks.

Anyway, here’s the piece for folks to read. It was absolutely unbelievable to edit; Tompkins was just on some other shit. Enjoy.

Check out Dave Tompkins’ full story on Paul C here.

Bonus: Paul C Discography / Memories Of Paul C (Documentary)

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