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Slice-of-Spice in conjunction with Underboss Entertainment is proud to present an original Lord Finesse mix.
This is a CD compiled of rare Funk & Soul, R&B, Soundtracks, Sound Libraries and the Unknown.

There hasn’t been a CD of this caliber released by Lord Finesse since “Diggin on Blue” and “The King of Diggin’ featuring Lord Finesse & Muro”. Both were released in 1999 and are considered collectors pieces, which are either hard to find or go for a pretty penny.

The Art of Diggin’: The Grind & The Hustle CD is no different when involving rare, obscure and unknown breaks. 12 years later this CD proves there’s no such thing as running out of breaks and samples.

Check the #1 CD snippet below, and hit continue for 2 more, and a look at the back cover.
The album is still available for purchase on vinyl here.

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