Blackout Top News

Most people know the original version of this track from the Trespass Soundtrack, which dropped as a promo only 12” back in 1992. In early 2000 hip-hop heads were finally able to hear the original version (actually titled “Knockin’ Niggaz Out”) featuring what would have been Big L’s debut had the label not rejected it as being “too hard”. This track was remixed by Lord Finesse and his production partner Davel “Bo” McKenzie (The Alumni) in 2004, and was intended to be used on the Funky Technician Remix Project, an album which is finally dropping in April 2012 on Slice-of-Spice. The track was never fully finished or properly mixed, but the team at SOS have worked with Underboss Entertainment to get this out as a special edition flexi-disc (remember those?!) and had it mastered by none other than K-Def. To quote the production engineer at the pressing plant “it’s the best sounding flexi-disc we’ve ever produced”!

2dopeboyz premiere.

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