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The Single is off M-Dot’s newest mixtape M.ore D.oubters O.ver T.hinking Dropping 3/11/11 (Culmination of unreleased, leftovers, features and new tracks previously not on a cd).
This thunderous display of lyricism connects recent Boston Music Award winner M-Dot with underground hip-hop legend Virtuoso, Army of the Pharoahs member King Magnetic, cult favorite Singapore Kane, hugely popular true-school duo N.B.S. (E’Flash & V.Knuckles), and Red Eye (of The Closers).
All over production courtesy of the European hip-hop collective Snowgoons (who featured M-Dot, Virtuoso, and N.B.S. on their recent album “Kraftwerk”)

Download: M-Dot Feat. Virtuoso, King Magnetic, V.Knuckles, Singapore Kane, Red Eye & E’Flash – Open Heart Surgery

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