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Extensive interview with esteemed producer, DJ, New Orleans hip-hop living legend, Mr. Mannie Fresh. This particular Q&A, conducted by long-time RBMA team member Chairman Jefferson Mao, took place at a recent Red Bull Music Academy meeting of the minds in NOLA. Watch and observe as Mannie discusses the roots of bounce music, where he spent his early collegiate years (hint: not in college), his glorious run with Cash Money Records and more.

Watch the interview here.

Via Ego Trip.

  1. […] Another extensive convo between Mannie & RBMA. With a record catalog long enough to fill an encyclopedia, Mannie Fresh has basically been the sound of New Orleans hip hop for the past 25 years: producing hits for Nola staples like Lil Wayne, Juvenile, BG, Big Tymers, and bounce queen Cheeky Blakk among others. In addition, his marching drum snare rolls and 808-heavy production trademarks have been picked up on and incorporated in the dirty south canon at large. In this lecture, hosted by Cocaineblunts’ Andrew Noz, he touches on everything from his humble beginnings with local MC, Gregory D, to the Cash Money heydays, and his more recent approach to DJing and production. […]